Saturday, September 18, 2010


me and my friends were having a chat at brew house a couple of days ago that turns out was quite a relieve. It was more like an AA meeting. So, here's pretty much what i am obsessed about:

Hi, I'm Cheryl Marella... and
  1. I'm obsessed with black eyeliner and mascara
  2. I'm a TV series addict
  3. I'm a slave for music
  4. I always bring 7 sheets of tissue to the toilette
  5. I'm the most loyal to my friends
  6. I was such a spoiled brat
  7. I need anger management (but i think i'm progressing in this case)
  8. I'm obsessed with red, blue and black nail polished
  9. I look stupid with long hair
  10. I'm crazy for sport
  11. I love man's abs
  12. I love big rings
  13. I'm a slave for fashion
  14. I love to write
  15. I suck at math and anything that has a thing to do with match
  16. I'm pretty blunt
  17. I don't say "I LOVE YOU" if i didn't mean it
  18. I am an idiot when i fall in love
  19. I can not be a barbie! EW!
  20. I hate Paris Hilton


aryosaloko said...

hello Maria, nice to know you!
My name's Aryo Saloko and I love the way you write... witty!

Ceezallthat! said...

hello there...why thank you :) drop by here anytime! :)