Thursday, July 15, 2010

the trip that i was trippin... *jokin...*

Now me and Marieska at Maya bay. i love this place. i think i should just live near the beach. city life been giving me headache. lol

It was the night where the Dutch beated Samba. Oh yeah!

I was going to take the pic of the monks, then Jerry came up "pretend you are taking a pic of me" hehehe well it worked.

This is pretty much the down town of Yangon. I think it's interesting to find a country that is soooo different than the country i'm living in. its like Medan mixed with Pasar Baru, allll the way hehe.

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marieska said...

"the trip that i was trippin" it was a greaaaaat travel cher..Me want more...first trip ever with you and that time i realized that Dang! we are completely 270 degrees different..

Cant forget about the Maya Bay trip though..."look at the guy in green pant mar" and in the end I got him ...*wink*

love ya to the max, my friend..