Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MTV, Election, Worrrrkkkk n FUN!

not really a morning person
but i had to woke up early this morning :p
actually i tried my best but i still woke up an hour after my alarm rang!!!
went to MTV and was talking about some stuffs there,
met bandung announcers and VJH '08
i thought they were cool :)
Ran back to my office coz i need to record for tmrw.
gonna have to go to firecatz,
back to MUSIC!!!
hail Starlets!!!
gonna go back home coz im gonna go to Trax tonite.
a lil reunion with the old gang.
see whats gonna happen... lol
if you know what im saying.
its near the election day.
make sure YOU VOTE people.
one voice CAN make a difference!
Vote for your right!!!
April 9th 09.

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